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Toronto, ON – March, 2014 – Bringing Toronto’s best independent theatre into the spotlight, Toronto creative producer and actor Jackie English introduces On Stage On Demand, five nights of free local theatre showcasing six different original plays in front of a live audience from April 1 – 5 at The Great Hall (1087 Queen St W). Admission is free each night but donations are encouraged at the door with proceeds going to different charities chosen by the cast of each play. Seating is limited; reserve a spot on the guest list in advance by visiting and selecting the play.

“On Stage On Demand was created to encourage Torontonians to experience more local theatre,” said Jackie English. “We have so many talented and gifted playwrights and actors in our city and with On Stage On Demand, we can showcase the best and most innovative independent theatre to new and larger audiences.”

Sixteen Toronto playwrights and actors will perform six plays over the span of five days. The featured plays include The Further Adventures of Antoine Feval, Supperfesta, 8 Days, Of Mice and Morro and Jasp, and Fleece & Flesh: My Big Fat German Puppet Show with Rooster Kane’s Curio Emporium, all of which have had previous runs during the Toronto Fringe Festival and on other stages in the city.

After each production, the actors and writers will speak with the audience and answer questions about the play and the process involved in putting on a theatrical production.

“We are very excited to shine the spotlight on some of Toronto’s best theatre talent. We have Deadly conspiracies, Dinner comedy romps, Zombies, Clowns and puppets like you have never seen before. Each production will be filmed in front of a live audience,” states Paul Gardner, producer for Bell Local. “And we’ll be filming behind the scenes each night to share the entire theatrical experience, with each play and interactive q+a available on Bell Local and the Bell Local website.” Visit for more information.

On Stage On Demand Schedule:

The Further Adventures of Antoine Feval (75 mins) | Tuesday, April 1, 2014 | 7pm | Free
Written and Directed by: Chris Gibbs
Cast: Chris Gibbs
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Donations go to: Sick Kids Hospital

London, 1897. Incurable optimist and Sherlock Holmes fan Barnaby Gibbs has found himself in the only role in which a man of his incredible shortcomings can achieve anything in this world – as partner to the brilliant detective Antoine Feval. But even this may be taken from him as the partners encounter a deadly conspiracy, an evil mastermind and a plot that could change the fate of the British Empire, or in other words, the world.

Supperfesta (90 mins) | Wednesday, April 2, 2014 | 7pm | Free
Written by: Natasha Boomer | Directed By: Mario D’alimonte
Cast: Natasha Boomer, Craig Lauzon, Kristopher Bowman and Jenna Wariner
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Donations go to: Adopt A Gran

Tim and Rose have fallen in love, they think. Betty and Dean have been in love for 15 years, they think. When Betty finds out Rose has been hiding her new boyfriend, she throws a dinner party, but what happens is Supperfesta – a place where you may or may not wear pants and things get set on fire. A new comedic play that looks into relationships old and new.

The 8th Day (50 mins) | Thursday, April 3, 2014 | 7pm | Free
Written by: Shayne Monaghan | Directed by: Stephanie Crothers
Cast: David Moote, Mark Willett
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Donations go to: Red Cross Emergency Response Unit

A story about two friends who start to believe there is a zombie apocalypse on the horizon. One trying to move on and grow up, the other clichéd to his youth, letting his imagination take him and his friend away from reality. We follow them on their quest to try and save the world.

Of Mice and Morro and Jasp (60 mins) | Friday, April 4, 2014 | 7pm | Free
Written by: Heather Marie Annis, Byron Laviolette and Amy Lee | Directed by: Byron Laviolette
Cast: Heather Marie Annis and Amy Lee
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Donations go to: The Murphy-Hull Project

It’s the Great Depression and two migrant workers, Lennie and George, journey towards a new life, new job and new dreams. A classic story of friendship, wrongful accusations, broken hope – oh, and Morro and Jasp. The clown sisters take on Steinbeck’s timeless tale… Let there be rabbits.

Fleace & Flesh: 2 Adult Puppet Shows (90 mins) | Saturday April 5, 2014 | 2pm | Free
My Big Fat German Puppet Show | Written, Directed and Performed by: Frank Meschkuleit
Rooster Kane’s Curio Emporium | Written, Directed and Performed by: Marty Stelnick
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Donations go to: The Food Bank

My Big Fat German Puppet Show is a puppet show for adults. Part circus, part puppetry, part stand-up, all weird… it’s a show you will definitely remember! From Frank Meschkuleit, the creator of the Fringe Festival hit, “The Left Hand of Frank”, comes this journey into one man’s emotional crawl space. Not for the kiddies and not to be missed.

Opening for Frank is Marty Stelnick, performing Rooster Kane’s Curio Emporium. Who Rooster Kane is exactly and when he arrived is not easily understood.  Liar, thief, dreamer. Southern, pint sized, international sideshow mogul.

About Jackie English

Jackie English was the on-camera Host and Producer at TVO Kids.  As a filmmaker, her short-film directorial debut, “NIMBY,” won the Toronto Urban Film Festival and her film “Le Nez” appeared at TUFF as well as the Silent Film Festival. In the Toronto theatre scene, she was the Creative Producer at the Bread & Circus Theatre/Bar which she owned and operated for 3 years. She has also produced almost a dozen theatre co-ops, and directed the last two Red Sandcastle Theatre annual Family Musicals, as well as the classic “Whose Afraid of Virginia Wolfe.” Other stage credits include Toronto Director of the “Bye Bye Liver” franchise, a sketch show from Chicago at The Hard Rock Cafe, and Assistant Director & Choreographer for the Mirvish production of “My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding”.  In addition she has done choreographed for Second City, National Theatre of the World, CBC, TVO and various music videos, and produced content for the Mainstage at Word On The Street.

About Paul Gardner

Paul Gardner is a producer with Bell Local.  Previously, Paul has worked as a Senior Producer on programs such as Giseles’ Big Backyard, TVOKids, and The Space. He is also the Creative Director, producer and writer for Captain Canuck Inc. In this role, Paul is producing cross platform content, including television, web and a comic books series.  He has also produced TV series for A&E, CBC, Star TV, CMT and the Weather Network. While working in the Toronto Entertainment industry for close to 20 years, Paul has been nominated for numerous awards, from the Canadian Screen Awards to the Gemini Awards. He is also the proud winner of a Promax award and a Youth Media Alliance Award.

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