Many people wonder if the are using Facebook and Twitter correctly because they have what they would consider to be low engagement rates.  Did you know most people average around 0.5 – 1% engagement rates on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, as well as many others.  Because of Facebook’s News Feed algorithm and other live stream-style feeds, reaching your audience, let alone getting them to interact with you can be a challenge.  Just know that a 1% engagement rate is no failure.

Instagram has between 3-6% engagement rate because of the eye-appealing visual content, users are more likely to show their support. Combine a great image with a few smartly chosen hashtags, and you’ll see a great response from your followers.

Email is still the digital channel that boasts the highest engagement rate.  While social channels often miss most of your followers, email subscribers are far more likely to see your message in their inbox, and therefore more likely to interact.  The average open rate for an email campaign is about 20%, making it the most effective tool to reach your online audience.


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