We all want to increase our brand recognition and ultimately our SEO by having the right influencers representing our brand. Although there are many influencers that have spent considerable time carefully curating their followers and gaining their trust, there are also some that have bought followers to increase their numbers to trick potential clients in thinking they are more credible than they really are.

Before you decide the perfect brand ambassador, it is important to do some research. Make sure to set notifications on potential influencers you want to hire and monitor how fast the likes number climbs. In most cases, if they go up quickly, they have also bought likes. Review their comments to ensure they are genuine. Discount emoticons with smiley faces or wine glasses. If the comment/emoticon doesn’t match the post, it’s not engagement. Watch for serial comments as many influencers have joined comment groups. Are they the same people commenting every time?

Check out their social media feeds carefully and look for the following:

  • Serial posters who are churning out posts are easy to detect. Do they interact with their followers or do they post and move on to the next post?
  • Is there genuine interest in their posts from their followers? If someone has thousands of followers and their post have a small number of likes, there is a very good possibility their followers are bought.
  • Are all their posts #sponsor or #ad driven? If they are simply a hired gun and do not intersperse their paid advertorial posts with genuine editorial posts, run, as it is unlikely that their posts will be credible.
  • Are they loyal? You do not want a brand ambassador that will be promoting your product or event one day and then promoting your competitor the next day.
  • Do they create original content or simply regurgitate a press release or backgrounder you have provided? If people see the same thing repeated by numerous influencers, it can weaken your message. Align yourself with influencers that are creative in sharing your message.

Remember your social credibility is closely associated with the credibility of the influencers you choose to work with.


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