PR Case Study for The Herzig Eye Institute
Media Relations

The Herzig Eye Institute is one of the leading laser vision correction centres and has treated thousands of patients from across Canada, 42 US states and 23 countries worldwide.

Ashworth Associates worked with the Herzig Eye Institute to help overcome the hurdle of Night Vision associated with laser vision correction through a successful targeted media relations campaign in 2004.

In the third quarter of 2006 after noticing a decrease in media coverage, Herzig Eye Institute returned to Ashworth Associates to re-establish their reputation in the media as a leading force in laser eye surgery and cataract and refractive surgery.

Ashworth Associates successfully re-established the Herzig Eye Institute as the leading laser eye centre in the media with features in many publications from Elle Canada, and Elevate magazine to Beauty and Beyond and More Magazine.

As print advertising consultants to the Herzig Eye Institute, Ashworth Associates helped select the best venues to advertise and negotiates the contracts with the media.

Ashworth Associates wrote all media materials for the Herzig Eye Institute and ghostwrote articles for Dr. Herzig to appear in magazines such as Revive Magazine and Active. Ashworth Associates also wrote brochures for Advanced Cataract Solutions and Custom Vision Correction.