PR Case Study for the Waterfront BIA Singing Ambassadors
Event Media Relations
Summer 2015

Ashworth Associates was approached by the Waterfront BIA to attempt to increase awareness of theSinging Ambassadors on Toronto’s Waterfront from the June until September 7, 2015.

We started by revising last year’s press release with the new Ambassadors and the new song list. The Ambassadors were photographed and Ashworth Associates shot video of them performing to accompany the press release. Community releases were also written to include profiles of the individual ambassadors and pitched to the local papers in the areas that they live.

The release was distributed to approximately 100 media contacts to garner media attention and posted individually on event sites when possible.

The Ambassadors performed at the Redpath Waterfront Festival, which offered more exposure and media opportunities. We worked with the Redpath Waterfront Festivals’ PR team to schedule performances and to provide necessary information for inclusion in coverage surrounding the festival.

The Waterfront BIA has been recognized with a 2015 Downtown Merit Award by the International Downtown Association (IDA) for their Waterfront Singing Ambassadors program. There were a total of 19 qualified entries, in their category of Marketing and Communications, which highlights plans or strategies that used print, electronic media, or multimedia efforts to promote downtown and further the value of city centres.

Media Response

NOW – Print listing every week throughout the summer

SNAPD Queen/Waterfront – A photographer shot the Ambassadors performing along the Waterfront for the August issue

Global News 6pm – The Ambassadors perform during coverage of the Redpath Waterfront Festival

Rogers Daytime Toronto – Interview with Alex from the Waterfront BIA and performances from the Ambassadors. This segment aired multiple times throughout the summer

CP24 Breakfast – Singing Ambassadors perform in studio for the Cp24 Breakfast team

CBC News – A “Meet the Ambassadors” segment with Sheree Spencer and performances by the Ambassadors

Ashworth Associates increased the profile of the Singing Ambassadors on Toronto’s Waterfrontresulting in a PR Value of $151,460 with 19,467,429 media impressions in broadcast, print and online visitors.