3038R_secret_rasp_black_pckSecret’s spring Step Savers collection features fashionable, comfortable foot covers that help protect your flats and summer shoes from moisture while preventing shoe friction and painful blisters.

The Low Cut (6 pairs/SRP $9.99), Extreme Low Cut (2 pairs/SRP $6.79) and Low Cut Padded Foot Covers (2 pairs/SRP $6.79) are ideal for pairing with flats and ballet slippers. Choose the padded foot covers for extra cushioning the ball of the foot.

The Sneaker Cut Foot Covers (2 pairs/SRP $6.99) included added ventilated mesh top, arch support Sneaker Cut Footcoverand a stay-put heel, perfect to be worn with sneakers for ultimate comfort while on your feet.

Secret’s Step Savers are available at major retailers nation-wide in a wide range of colours including; bright, nautical, classic and motifs. One size fits all.

Visit www.secretlegwear.com for more information.

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