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Toronto, ON – For surgeons using injectables like restylane and neuromodulatorslike botox or dysport, it is vital to avoid hitting a vein or the patient will end up with a giant bruise. Delicate areas like the face have a number of veins and it’s sometimes difficult to find a safe injection point. Rice Cosmetic Surgery is the first clinic in North America to use the acclaimed Vein Viewer for aesthetic purposes to decrease the chance of bruising by ensuring to avoid veins while using injectables. Visit for more information.

Featured on The Doctors and Doctor Oz, the Vein Viewer provides an easier and more efficient way to find patient’s veins. Projected near-infrared light is absorbed by the blood but reflected by surrounding tissue. It captures the information, processes it and projects a digital image of the patient’s blood pattern within the vein directly on the surface of the skin much like on a movie screen. This patented technology, AVIN™ (Active Vascular Imaging Navigation), allows the Vein Viewer to do what no other device can.

While the Vein Viewer has been traditionally used to determine vein positioning for the placement of lines for IVs or drawing blood, it is also beneficial for determining injection sites.

“Originally designed for a neonatal unit, the Vein Viewer shines a green infrared light to make it easier to find a vein,” states Dr. Sean Rice, Founder and Director, Rice Cosmetic Surgery. “There are so many tiny veins in the face that if you hit the vein when you are using injectables the patient will get a big bruise.  By using the Vein Viewer to find the veins, it cuts down on the risk of patient bruising with injectables.

Whether looking to plump up wrinkles, prevent the muscle contractions that cause lines or prolong the results with a combination of both neuromodulators and fillers, there are many options available on the market that will help keep you looking your best.

About Dr. Sean Rice and Rice Cosmetic Surgery:

Dr. Sean Rice is a renowned plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon and is widely recognized for his published articles in Canadian and international medical journals. As Founder and Director of Rice Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Rice specializes in a comprehensive array of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. Rice Cosmetic Surgery offers the latest, safest and most effective treatments including, breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, endoscopic facelift, and body contouring after weight loss as well as non-surgical treatments such as dermal facial fillers and anti-wrinkle injections to help patients enhance their appearance. Rice Cosmetic Surgery is the Canadian training centre for other plastic surgeons seeking training in cutting edge laser and water assisted liposuction surgery and Dr. Rice is a physician injector trainer for selphyl and sculptra. Rice Cosmetic Surgery provides personalized treatment plans along with detailed and compassionate care that ensures the specific goals of each patient are achieved.

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