Toronto, Ontario – October, 2014 – In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, throughout October, leading plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Rice of Rice Cosmetic Surgery will offer women who have successfully completed breast cancer treatment a complimentary tattoo removal treatment to remove radiation tattoos using the latest and most effective laser tattoo removal technology called PicoSure® from Cynosure.

Radiation tattoos are a series of permanent freckle-sized dots tattooed on the skin that technicians use to align radiation beams for targeted cancer treatments to ensure that the radiation directly hits the spot that needs treatment. Many breast cancer patients are left with these tiny tattoos after radiation treatment and while some people see these as a mark of strength for the courageous battle they faced, for a lot of women they’re an unwanted reminder of the weeks of uncomfortable radiation treatments.

PicoSure is the most technologically advanced method of tattoo removal that safely and quickly removes tattoos in fewer treatments with faster recovery time and greater results,” says Dr. Rice, Rice Cosmetic Surgery. “We are thrilled to be able to offer this treatment free of charge to women who have completed breast cancer treatment to try and help eliminate these unwelcome reminders of that difficult time in their life.”

A consultation is scheduled before a patient can receive treatment to determine how many treatments are needed, as many factors come into play such as the color of the ink and the density of the ink. The blue or black ink used to mark these spots is hard to remove but with PicoSure, radiation tattoos are erased with fewer treatments and with greater ease than ever before. Once the consultation is completed and the patient has clearance from their oncologist, treatment may begin. 

 “PicoSure allows us to get rid of radiation tattoos in as little as one or two treatments,” states Dr. Rice. “We zap each tattoo for about five seconds with the laser to break up the ink which is then slowly absorbed by the body.”

One of the biggest concerns in tattoo removal is the pain. PicoSure uses a new cooling machine before, during and after the removal treatment to numb the skin and prevent as much pain as possible. Following treatment, it may take about a month for the tattoo to fade and some women may need a second treatment.

If you are ready to have your radiation tattoo removed and have had clearance from your oncologist, contact Rice Cosmetic Surgery at (416) 391-4048 to book your consultation to make sure you are a candidate for a complimentary tattoo removal treatment in October.  There is a small fee for additional treatments if required.

Please note: Whether or not you should remove tattoos after completing radiation therapy varies based upon your diagnosis and health. It is very important to first consult with your oncologist prior to having your tattoo removed. 

 About Dr. Sean Rice and Rice Cosmetic Surgery:

Dr. Sean Rice is a renowned plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon and is widely recognized for his published articles in Canadian and international medical journals. As Founder and Director of Rice Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Rice specializes in a comprehensive array of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. Rice Cosmetic Surgery offers the latest, safest and most effective treatments including, breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, endoscopic facelift, and body contouring after weight loss as well as non-surgical treatments such as dermal facial fillers and anti-wrinkle injections to help patients enhance their appearance. Rice Cosmetic Surgery is the Canadian training centre for other plastic surgeons seeking training in cutting edge laser and water assisted liposuction surgery and Dr. Rice is a physician injector trainer for selphyl and sculptra. Rice Cosmetic Surgery provides personalized treatment plans along with detailed and compassionate care that ensures the specific goals of each patient are achieved.

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