Social media has changed how we communicate and is now an integral part of all marketing campaigns as an extension of your brand. Ashworth Associates specializes in social media management to build community, conversation and relationships with their client’s audience. We work with our clients to help develop content that is meaningful to their target audience and their brand.

Our strategic social media management process starts with identifying who is engaged and why. We are then able to establish our client’s key messages and target the right audience at the right time to help grow the brand and engage the Canadian marketplace.

Proactive peer to peer communication over social media platforms brings communication directly to the target audience and builds brand recognition and develops relationships with a range of consumers and customers. This process includes three vital stages uniquely designed to meet the social community needs for our clients.

Phase 1: Research

  • Research and identification of target influencers, their audiences, tone/personality and sponsorship rates.
  • Research and identification of target audience, their behaviours, issues, expectations and drivers.
  • Creation of social media profile pages (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin)

Phase 2: Execution

  • Development and execution of social presence. This includes of relevant priority messaging and any other communication tactic strategic development (identifying any opportunities in terms of PR outreach).

Phase 3: Ongoing

  • Monitoring and engaging in relevant conversations and proactively seeding sharing among bloggers.

Social media can be very effective within a communications strategy and can advance a brand’s reach when combined with traditional media and public relations. This approach bridges the real and social worlds and directly engages a client’s audience on many levels.

In addition to working with clients to create and build a social media presence, Ashworth Associates incorporates social media into every campaign through our own established profiles on Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, and Linkedin. Our success proves that we can also manage our client’s accounts.

Social media management includes:

Account Creation • Account Management • Fanpage Customization • Twitter Page Customization
Social Media Strategy • Community Building • Social Media Training • Audience Engagement
Content Creation (copy, video + photo) • Cross Channel Coordination